How It Works

Understanding the technology behind Vidiofy

A step-by-step walkthrough of what happens after you click "Generate Video".




Extracting What We See

When you copy and paste a URL article into our URL-To-Video Mode, our AI will read and extract the content that is shown in the link. This means extracting the headline, body text, images ensuring accuracy and context is prioritized.

Extracting what we see with Vidiofy



Summarizing for conciseness

Vidiofy focuses heavily on the short-form reel-style format that works best on social media. This means optimizing content to be delivered in under 60 seconds. Our AI now works to convert the 600-word article it just extracted that took 5 minutes to read into such a video utilizing the best-in-class Large Language Models (LLMs) to achieve crisp and succinct delivery.

Summarizing for conciseness with Vidiofy

Narrate & Template

Narrate & Template

Add a voice, face, and visuals

Now Vidiofy turns that text into rich media using a beautifully designed template. You have the option to also add a natural sounding narrator to help readers follow along, a talking head avatar to add personality and engagement, and we even suggest audio that goes with it.

Narrate and add a template with Vidiofy

Generate, Edit, Export

Generate, Edit, Export

Now it's on you

After clicking generate, we now hand over the reins to you to edit to your heart's content. You have a myriad of options like adding, deleting, and moving around text, image, video elements. Duplicate or delete entire slides. Change background music, re-generate narrator's voice, adjust slide lengths. Try it out! Finally, export your video and only now do you spend a video credit. Download your exported video and receive an .mp4 file for you to use anywhere you like.

Generate, edit, and export your video with Vidiofy

Or Watch This 60 Second Video

With Vidiofy I created, fully edited, and published over 32 videos to YouTube in the last 30 days. YouTube search has generated 31% of traffic and Shorts generated 46% increasing this brand's discovery across the platform...and we are just getting started.”

Josef Katz

Marketing Lead, Specialty Metals

I’m experimenting with my UIC digital journalism students, and it has game-changing potential. The other cool thing: it’s built for journalists, by journalists.

Mike Reilley

Senior Lecturer, UIC

Vidiofy had a huge impact on the total number of videos Republika Ameera was able to create. With the increase in volume, videos resulted in more total views for Republika’s growing social media platforms.”
Republika Uses Vidiofy

Republika Ameera

Content Team

"1Bstories' Vidiofy is a powerful tool that arms creators with additional capabilities to deliver deeper engagement and relevance with their audiences.  We are excited to support this team on the journey."

Ian Doody

Co-Founder, Powerhouse Capital

"We believe deeply in 1Bstories and their pioneering product, Vidiofy. The revolutionary AI-powered video tool is destined to redefine the digital publishing landscape by enabling companies to churn out compelling, high-quality videos with unprecedented ease and efficiency."

Quentin Reyes

Managing Director, Alpha Praetorian Capital


Boost Viewership &
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As readership is on a steady decline, publishers & brands today have no choice but to create engaging videos and re-orientate for vertical.

Easy To Use - Vidiofy

Easy to Use

Vidiofy's intuitive interface makes video creation a breeze.

Quick To Create - Vidiofy

Quick To Create

Generate videos in seconds and save valuable time.

Captivating To Watch - Vidiofy

Captivating To Watch

Create thumb-stopping videos for your social media feed and grow your follower count.