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What's the company behind Vidofy?

As you may have seen mentioned in certain areas, Vidiofy is created and owned by 1Bstories Private Limited. 1Bstories (the B stands for Billion) is a content technology start-up with a mission to empower the internet to create a billion stories in the best way it knows how, through mobile-first, bite-sized, content delivered through the latest technology has to offer.

What is Vidiofy?

Vidiofy is an generative AI text/URL/prompt-to-video tool helping brands and publishers repurpose content by converting articles and blog posts into mobile-first, short-form, engaging videos perfect for social media.

How does Vidiofy work?

Vidiofy uses generative AI to extract and summarize text-based content from a URL or a string of text and suggest rich media content (audio and visual from licensed stock media libraries) into a beautifully designed template with parameters set to optimize for reel-style content consumed on social media like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

Who should use Vidiofy?

Vidiofy is perfect for content creators who need to convert their traditionally written text-based content into short-form video for mobile. These are likely journalists and editors in a news publication, or a content marketer working for a brand with a blog or social media profile.

How does Vidiofy calculate video limits?

Vidiofy provides you with a certain number of credits to export videos based on your plan. You can generate more videos and preview them on our editor, but when you click on export (which is required to download the video file), Vidiofy you consume 1 video credit.

What can I do under the free plan?

Every user who signs up to Vidiofy gets 5 video credits for free. There are no feature restrictions except some custom features that are only available to our Enterprise customers.

What happens to my video credits when I upgrade to Pro?

When you have successfully made the payment for upgrading to a Pro plan, we’ll immediately update your credits to the new video credit limit (15 per month). These credits will be reset to the plan’s limit every month depending on your billing dates.

What happens when I cancel my Pro subscription?

When you cancel your pro subscription, your subscription will be marked as cancelled and will be effective from the end of your current billing cycle. You can still use the rest of the video credits until the end of your billing cycle (depending on whether it’s monthly or yearly).

Can I still access my videos if I cancel my Pro subscription?

You can still preview videos you had created and download any videos you had previously exported during the subscription period. But you won’t be allowed to export any new videos since you might have insufficient credits in your free plan.

How do I request a refund if I’m unhappy with the tool?

Please send us a message on the chat widget inside the tool or email us at support@1bstories.com. Note, the outcome of the refund request is determined on a case by case basis.

I have a question about my billing and subscriptions

Please send us a message on the chat widget inside the tool or email us at support@1bstories.com.

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