Specialty Metals using Vidiofy

Specialty Metals

A Youtube Shorts Account Created From Scratch With Vidiofy
Josef Katz
September 2023
Chief Marketing Officer

Early Returns Show Positive Momentum 📈

Josef created, fully edited, and published over 32 videos to YouTube in the last 30 days. That is just over 1/day (you can easily generate many more videos.)

In his words from his LinkedIn Post here:

"In seconds you can create a short 30-60 second video from a piece of your content. The platform walks you through the process. You enter your content, select an output language, decide if you want voice over or not, select a template, and then create the video.

You can then edit the video as needed (text, images, etc). My template has 5 screens and I can edit each one until I am happy with the end product. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to finish a video (way faster than creating a video from scratch). This is mostly due to the niche topic I am working on for this project. The AI doesn't always get the images correct and finding appropriate video clips can take a bit longer using the search feature in the edit module.

If your topic is broad you can probably knock out a final video in 5-10 minutes. Once finalized I hit export and within minutes the video is ready to download. You then have a MP4 file that you can use on your site, social media, YouTube etc."

For Specialty Metals, Josef focused on adding content to a new YouTube channel and creating video assets for a brand that had not explored the medium. There is no question that these videos can be used in a number of other ways. (That is next on the list 😉.)

In the last 30 days this new account has seen over 12K impressions and thousands of views.🔎 YouTube search has generated 31% of the traffic and the Shorts Feed generated 46% increasing this brand's discovery across the platform... and we are just getting started.

This could not have been done without the help of this AI generated text to video platform.


Easy Steps to Create Stunning Videos

Using Vidiofy is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Just paste a URL to a blog or article, select a template, and let Vidiofy transform your text into engaging vertical videos for social media.

Paste URL and Select Template

Copy and paste the URL of your blog or article into Vidiofy. Then, choose a branded template that suits your style.

Customize and Personalize

Add your own touch to the video by customizing the text, colors, and other elements to match your brand.

Generate | Export | Share

With just a click, Vidiofy will generate a stunning video ready for you to share on social media and captivate your audience.

With Vidiofy I created, fully edited, and published over 32 videos to YouTube in the last 30 days. YouTube search has generated 31% of traffic and Shorts generated 46% increasing this brand's discovery across the platform...and we are just getting started.”

Josef Katz

Marketing Lead, Specialty Metals

I’m experimenting with my UIC digital journalism students, and it has game-changing potential. The other cool thing: it’s built for journalists, by journalists.

Mike Reilley

Senior Lecturer, UIC

Vidiofy had a huge impact on the total number of videos Republika Ameera was able to create. With the increase in volume, videos resulted in more total views for Republika’s growing social media platforms.”
Republika Uses Vidiofy

Republika Ameera

Content Team

"1Bstories' Vidiofy is a powerful tool that arms creators with additional capabilities to deliver deeper engagement and relevance with their audiences.  We are excited to support this team on the journey."

Ian Doody

Co-Founder, Powerhouse Capital

"We believe deeply in 1Bstories and their pioneering product, Vidiofy. The revolutionary AI-powered video tool is destined to redefine the digital publishing landscape by enabling companies to churn out compelling, high-quality videos with unprecedented ease and efficiency."

Quentin Reyes

Managing Director, Alpha Praetorian Capital

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Transform existing content
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